You Know You Don’t Have to Eat It All, Right?

You Know You Don’t Have to Eat It All, Right?

Delvena Thomas

Hippocrates stated, “let food be thy medicine”. I’m sure he was referring to healthy foods and those with benefits such as foods that can help with energy. My diet includes lemon, ginger and garlic regularly, along with other beneficial foods. Besides the positive health effects, diet control and weight management will create a healthier body and state of mind.

First, start with a high level of water in the morning – hydrate your brain right away. Why? Water helps you awaken in the morning. It will also decrease the carbohydrate cravings. I keep a bottle of my favorite, purest water at bedside.

Although breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it can also be the unhealthiest. Think about it – pastries, donuts, grits, which are my weakness, bagels, potatoes, white breads, that tall glass of sweet orange juice.

During the week, ‘stick to business’ by avoiding the EXCESSIVE carbohydrates for breakfast but fill up on the protein. If you work out or exercise first thing in the morning your morning meal may require certain carbohydrates strategically planned.

Avoid gluten in your diet and do include high quality fats throughout your day because they nourish the brain – coconut oil, avocado, hemp seeds, walnuts, the original form of chocolate, cacao in modest amounts.

You know you don’t have to eat it all, right? When dining out most of the entrees are more than one serving. Did you know that? If you order appetizers, dinner and clean your plate, chances are your caloric intake was enough for the entire day and then some. I’m not suggesting you calorie count exactly but an easy way to cut calories would be to skip the appetizer during some meals, share your appetizer when you do indulge, and/or order a meal that you share with the person you’re dining with, if possible. If not, get into the habit of taking leftovers home or, leave it! You don’t have to clean your plate! In fact, if you clean your plate clean, you’ve probably eaten in excess. Do you know how great it will feel pushing away from the table with a stomach that’s not full or busting out of your clothing?

Maintaining and losing weight is easier than you think. Follow these steps along with being physically active and you’ll see the transformation you achieve.

If you desire guidance, my staff and I are available in our new wellness center located in Ft. Lauderdale.

Delvena Thomas

About Delvena Thomas

Dr. Delvena R. Thomas was trained in medicine and psychiatry at the University of Maryland Medical Systems in Baltimore (MD). She is a board-certified psychiatrist who maintains a private practice in psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, and forensic psychiatry. She serves as a voluntary Clinical Assistant Professor at Florida International University’s Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, as well as a consulting psychiatrist at Cleveland Clinic–Florida.

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